Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Tapestry Diary and Class Samples

 The September Tapestry Diary is complete and I have started weaving October.  Here is a picture that shows through the end of September.  This month I will be continuing on the same warp for October and hope to be on this same warp through the end of the year.

On September 29th I taught an Affinity Bracelet Class at the Dragonmoon Tea House in Tulsa.  I had eight in the class and we had a full day of weaving on our Mirrix Looms and a wonderful lunch. I look forward to showing some pictures from the class and the finished bracelets soon. For now I thought I would share some of the samples I brought and the variations we tried.

A detail of a landscape from the diary.

This first bracelet has hand painted silk warp from Claudia Chase at Mirrix with a second silk weft , bead embellishment and beaded edge.

The one to the right has the same seed beads with Tila and Magatama beads and a hand dyed pearl cotton warp.

This bracelet has a handspun silk warp, with metal circle beads, seed beads and delicas . It also has the beaded edge.

The next one to the right is a simple fiber and matte seed bead with a leather closure and silk warp.

Here is a Ymmyarns silk and  hand dyed pearl cotton with brass seed beads and crystals strung on the weft.  It has a ribbon clamp closure.

On the right is one with bugle beads and a picot edging with a button closure.

Here is a detail of another bracelet with the Picot edging in progress. This one also has copper beads and crystals.

This shows the Peyote button on the bracelet above.

Finally, a picture of the buttonhole on the above bracelet .

I can't wait to show some of the finished bracelets from the class and a couple more samples of my own that are in progress.  I have another class I will be teaching coming up on October 20th right after I get back from taking a class with Kathe Todd Hooker in Colorado.  There should be plenty to write about!


  1. Janette,
    I have been thinking about your tapestry diary, knowing that you took a week-long class introducing this fascinating concept. There is obviously much to learn about how to do this, and how to do it in one's own, unique way while employing some solid tapestry techniques. I'm hoping you might make some blog posts soon that suggest some approaches to a tapestry diary by those of us who haven't taken a class but are inspired by your lovely diaries. Any hints?

  2. Thank you for the comment and suggestion. I am working on another post about the tapestry diary and hope to include the thoughts of others that are involved with the process as well.