Monday, December 31, 2012

Weaving the Old Year Out

 It is December 31st and I am weaving the old year out putting some finishing touches on the December tapestry diary. This daily weaving practice has been a fun and challenging project especially during the last couple of months with all the holiday festivities to weave around but it has rewarded me with many gifts for my dedication to it.

The December diary is still on the loom and I should be taking it off over the next few days and doing some finishing. This piece has September through December so it will be exciting to see it off the loom in it's finished form. I will put up some more pictures then.

I have a warp prepared for the 2013 daily tapestry practice and will be sharing about that and my various plans for the next year as I am weaving the New Year in tomorrow.

During the month of December I also worked on a few smaller tapestry and bead jewelry projects.  Here is a new Tapestry bead cuff and a pin that was made on the same warp. The pin is about 1 and 1/2 inch square and a great way to use up a bit of extra warp after a bead cuff project is woven. I am currently working on dates for a Tapestry Bead Cuff class at the Dragonmoon to be announced soon. It will be a two day weekend class allowing time for weaving and finishing of the bracelet. This is a fun Mirrix class that combines fiber and beads with tapestry weaving technique.
If you are interested in the class and have not signed up for the newsletter this would be a good time to do it. Just put your email in the box on the top right of the blog. I send newsletter announcements very infrequently for classes or shows that I am doing.

Here is a bracelet that has been gifted this year. I call it Peacock Garden for the color and the way the Magatama beads make little flower shapes.

Here is a fiber and bead Affinity bracelet made by my friend Lynn Tedder in the October class at the Dragonmoon. I think the finishing is very nice with the bead embellishment in the center.

Here is a small project that will not make it off the loom for the end of the year but soon I hope. I think it will be another hatband. I like the undulating line in the center so decided to accent it with two silk warps together in the area. It has Tila, Bugle and Seed beads.

Chain Mail Bracelet with Aventurine stones
Over the month of December I learned how to do a little chain mail work and here are a few samples of my experiments. I would like to eventually make some metal embellishments to use with the fiber and beads and have some idea where I would like to get but taking my time getting there.
Chain Mail Earrings

This last example is an ornament that I gifted to a friend. We have exchanged ornaments every year for, well I am not sure how long, but long enough to be a challenge to come up with something different every year.

I wish all of you a happy and productive New Year and will be sharing about some of my projects and plans soon.