Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Class at the Dragonmoon

On september 29th I had a bracelet class at the Dragonmoon Tea House.  Many of the participants were weavers but new to the Mirrix Loom.  It was a very grey day which made picture taking problematic but I have a few to share. We had a great time, a wonderful lunch, some enthusiastic visitors and every bracelet was unique.  These fast, fun and creative projects are a great way to break the ice with a new loom offering practice with warping it in different ways and becoming familiar with the many options available.

Here are a couple of pictures after everyone has chosen their bracelet style and warped the looms. From near to far, Annie, Arleen, Susan and Lynn are busy weaving.

This one shows the other side of the room with Marilyn, Karin, Becky and Robin.  I was very glad I had purchased some extra lights for the table so that everyone had their own.

Here is a close view of Marilyn working on a fiber and bead affinity bracelet.

This is Karin's affinity with all beads,silk warp and a little fiber at the beginning so that she could use a ribbon clamp to finish.

Here is Annie's fiber and bead bracelet in progress.

Susan chose an all beads with the addition of some Tila and Magatama beads.

Here is Arleen's bracelet in progress, also all beads with a unique woven bead pattern .

Here is Becky who had an accident a couple of weeks before the class but would not be discouraged.  It may have taken her a little longer but she made a beautiful bracelet and I have a finished picture coming up.

Margaret came by for a little while and had lunch with us. At one time we had several visitors that came up after having lunch to see what we were up to.

Robin was busy experimenting with new ways to use bead embellishments on her bracelet and I can't wait to get pictures from her.

During lunch we just pushed our looms back and had a little break time.  Later in the afternoon we had a dessert break which is always a treat at the Dragonmoon.

Now for some of the finished projects.  I am still having pictures of these coming in.

This is the one Annie did in the class.

Here is the second one she did after. Notice the bead button she made.

Here is a picture that Becky sent me. Remember the hand cast?        
The one to the far right was done in class and the center bracelet was woven on the same warp on her 16 inch Mirrix. The Tapestry Bead Cuff on the upper left was her first project on the Mirrix and we warped it during a show in July.

Here is the bracelet Karin did in the class...
Complete with the ribbon clamp attached.

Here is the the second one she did after class with the addition of some extra beads.

I just finished this bracelet using the no warp ends kit on my Mini Mirrix. I really like the Mother of Pearl button on this one.

I also have a couple of updates from the beginning Tapestry class.  Here is a picture I took at the Tulsa Handweavers meeting last Saturday of Katherine's tapestry made into a small bag.

Karin's Tapestry has been mounted and framed and also was seen at last Saturdays meeting.

Tomorrow I will leave for Colorado for a little family getaway/ tapestry workshop and I hope to make a couple of blog entries while I am away.  When I return I will be teaching another class at the Dragonmoon on October 20th, catching up on the October diary and the Mango Hunters which is slowly progressing.  It promises to be a busy and exciting Fall.

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