Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Resistance Is Futile

I received a lovely box of tapestry yarns from Australia the other day. I put them in a display, photographed them and put them on the blog. I wanted to start using a few of them but it was hard to disturb the display of them somehow.  Then I sold several balls of the wool and that seemed to break the ice a bit.

I have been thinking about the grey and stormy skies we have been having all week. Normally I would be the first to complain after more than a couple of grey days in a row, but after the scorched and dry summer we have had the stormy sky seems calm and peaceful. I think I can feel the earth resting after the exertion of surviving the drought of the past summer.

One of the nice things about weaving a tapestry diary is that you can give in to just weaving whatever is going through your mind on a given day. Of course the effect is not like a carefully planned design where you attempt your best at composition and color but it is liberating to just sit and weave my feelings about a stormy sky.  I think it is time for me to use some of these new yarns, and so I reach out and pluck one from the box. This gesture reminds me of a bird selecting just the right twig for a nest.  I return with a blue violet and resume weaving. A little later I am back at the box and a light greyed blue leaves with me this time. More weaving.

A new box of wool colors, the inspiration of a stormy sky and a tapestry diary to weave. Resistance is futile.

August diary Finished!