Saturday, March 16, 2013

4x4 Tapestry Finished !!

Four inches by four inches that is.  I have been working on a little 4x4 tapestry to send for the members group exhibit of Tapestry Weavers South.

Here is a photo in progress on the loom.  I decided to use my Border Collie, Laddie as my model and started by doing some sketches on the Brushes App. I enjoy doing quick sketches on Brushes and this is the second time I have woven a small tapestry from one. This was also my first experiment with using linen for the warp. It did feel different but I like the look of the linen. Unfortunately my choice of linen was more textured than I would like so I will still be looking for the perfect linen warp. I also used some of my hand spun yarn as the red back ground weft.

The yarns in his face are mostly Ymmyarns and a little white pearl cotton.

This second picture is finished but still on the loom.

Once the tapestry was off the loom it seemed so tiny and somehow unfinished...

... so I decided to add a little beaded edging.  He actually measures about 4 1/4" by 4 3/8 inches with the beaded edging but still within acceptable limits I think.

I have only to box him up and send him along. Wish I could go with him...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tapestry Bead Cuff Class

I have a few pictures from the Tapestry Bead Cuff class that I taught last weekend with help from Lynn Tedder.  Everyone was able to weave a bracelet and pin and complete most of the finishing.  The results were all different and wonderful. I don't have pictures of all the projects yet but here are a few.

Since most of the people in the class are also interested in tapestry weaving we went over several weaving techniques in addition to the placement of the beads that could be incorporated into the cuffs like horizontal lines, pick and pick and basic hatching.

Here is Pam working on her new Lani Loom.

Here is a shot of Susan's bracelet on the loom with a nice addition of pick and pick and horizontal lines so far.

In this one Becky has already completed a bracelet and is weaving a pin.

To the right is her bracelet being attached to the cuff blank showing a nice hatching pattern.

Here is Robin's bracelet during the finishing process, also with some nice hatching.

Following are a couple more of Robin's bracelets with the beaded edging complete.

Here are Annie's projects off the loom. So pretty even without the beaded edge but I would also like a picture with the edging completed.

There is some time for putting that beaded edge onto the pin at the end of the day.

Finally, a couple of my samples for the class.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Progressing into March

 Here is a photo of the entire month of February and the first of March. The pick and pick seems to be working well to mark the months on this years diary. I will be adding in some greens for the month of March. There are a lot of little stories in February, weaving at night, playing Frisbee with Laddie, the heart shaped landscape for Valentines day, snow days and windy days, a card weaving workshop and a family birthday; all memories woven in time.

I have also been adding some new shows to my schedule. In addition to the two already listed to the right I will also be going to the 2013 Route 66 Rendezvous in Edmund, Ok on June 8 and if I get my form in on time I'm going to do the Prairie Winds Midwest Weavers Conference in Emporia, Ks June 20-22, 2013. I will add information to the list when they are confirmed.

I have also been weaving away on the Mango Hunters. Here is a picture from March 1 with the bobbins in place.  The mangos are coming along pretty well and it is about half way complete now.

I thought it might be interesting to show the drawing. I am getting ready to start the large plant in the pot. I have made a few changes to the tapestry from the drawing. I decided to leave out the flower as it is pretty distracting and I have changed the wood spoon in the bowl to another Mango. Also I plan to take some of the elements from the right side out into the border area as I did on the left.

Here is a photo with the bobbins moved and correctly turned.  I will need to turn the warp soon and can use this for reference  later.

Here is a detail that does not include the borders. It often seems like I am weaving and not getting anywhere but I can see that some progress is being made.

To finish, here are a few pictures from a card weaving workshop I took recently with John Mullarkey. It was a small group and we had a great time. John is an excellent teacher and we all came away much more knowledgeable about weaving with cards.

I don't have many pictures but here are a few.  These are all from the first day. We were working on threaded in patterns.

You can see the small sampling looms that John brought for us to use. They are similar to an inkle loom without the heddle bar.

John also brought a large number of very inspiring samples for us to study.

Here is Lynn weaving her Running Dog pattern...

and to the right is a detail that shows the pattern reversal.

On the second day we worked with Egyptian Diagonals and studied card manipulated designs. Obviously I was pretty wrapped up in my work because I have no photos yet of these designs.