Friday, July 8, 2016


The work has been flowing along nicely the last couple of weeks at the speed of tapestry. I love the feeling of being completely engaged and just flowing along as the work progresses. This has come slowly and followed by  the "penaloping"  (reverse weaving) of a weeks worth of work on the Paintbox tapestry, but it has come. There have been a lot of nights in the studio lately and this picture was from the Summer Solstice, June 23. 

I took some photos of the amazing moon that night and observed it rising in the sky.

Then I wove it the same evening in 2016 Time and Tide.

That prompted me to consider weaving a moon tapestry.  Since I need a sketch to take with me to the workshop with Aino Kajaneimi I will be taking in August at the ATA retreat I decided to work on it.  I also have an older collage called Big Moon that I used as inspiration.

So the Big Moon sketch came together pretty easily. I think it will be fun to weave but I am not quite sure about the placement of that moon. I may have to work on it a bit more.

Here is an overall shot of 2016 Time and Tide as of yesterday.

This one is more of a detail view of the beginning of July and the entry for Independence Day.

Mack and I decided to do a little experiment and film a very short video of me weaving the Paintbox tapestry on the Fireside loom. The first one is so short if you blink you might miss it. We did a couple more that are a little over a minute. It has been a learning process! I really have no idea if this is actually going to work so we will see.

One more time.

Just in case none of these videos actually work here is a photo of the paintbox tapestry as of this morning July 8th.

It is coming along, the weaving waters are flowing, happy weaving to all!