Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Class at Dragonmoon

  A couple of days after our return from Colorado I had another opportunity to teach a fiber and bead bracelet class at the Dragonmoon Tea House in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  More woven jewelry on Mirrix looms, great food and fun!  In fact I am not sure if it is the weaving or the food that is more highly prized by class members but it is surely a winning combination. Thank you to the staff at Dragonmoon for such wonderful service and attention for our day long weaving adventures!

Here is Jennie busy at her loom.

Gwen is working on her bracelet here.

Another shot of Fran, Donna and Jennie working on some finishing.

Here are a couple of bracelets that Delores was working on.

Everyone seems to enjoy the Flamingo Clips!

Gwen's bracelet has been designed to have some embellishment in the center.

Here is one of mine that I used as a class sample for the beaded edging with a copper button as embellishment finished after the class.

Donna's picture of the finished bracelet.

Donna's bracelet in class.

Another one of my class samples, finished after the class with a ribbon clamp and a bead pattern with Tila beads.

One of my class samples just finished with a picot edging and...

a peyote button closure instead of the peyote slide.

Here is another picture Donna sent after the class of her second bracelet.  I think she is having fun with this.

Above is another bracelet I finished with a different closure of knotted silk and a ribbon clamp with some Magatama beads.

Robin was in the first class and just sent me this picture today.  Two fiber and bead bracelets and an OU, Oklahoma University beaded bracelet in the center.  I think she is enjoying these projects too!

I had several requests in the classes to come up with a necklace on the Mirrix Loom and so this past week I did one. I used hand painted silk for the warp, size 8 and 11 seed beads and some garnets that I purchased on a recent trip to Colorado. I am pretty happy with the necklace but having a hard time getting good pictures of it.

To the right is a detail of the bottom which is better for seeing the effect.

Finally, here is a photo of the catch detail.  It seems like a perfect souvenir of my Colorado trip. Now, if I can just catch up on the October Diary and get organized for a show in Texas the first week in November!


  1. Thank you for sharing all the photos Janette! You are an inspirating teacher. It shows in your students bracelets. Beautiful pieces.

  2. Thanks so much Susan. I try to share my passion for what I do.

  3. I met you today at the fiber festival in Boerne and you truly inspired me, I would LOVE to follow one of your classes some time!!! Where do I find information about those?
    Lots of greetings from one of the Viking girls (the Dutch one with the dreads ;)