Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sun Has Set On September

September is now a memory but it is packed with activity that lingers on into October.

When I chose brown for the September color I had no idea how appropriate it would be but nearly everything happening in September had to do with dirt in some way. Perhaps I should call it earth or soil, but dirt seems to the point. After the studio buildings arrival on the 5th and even before with the preparation we have been busy making a place for it and that has prompted a flurry of activity. Much of September is about  moving dirt, placing rock, stone and brick, planting grass seed and flowers. Of course there was also some painting, electrical work and even some weaving, filling of bead tubes and Kumihimo. All in all, a very busy month and even though seeds sown this month are beginning to show off and there is still plenty left to do to get the studio into shape.

All the outside activity has made it easy to appreciate the change of season. It is much cooler now and Fall has arrived. I always enjoy the Spring and Fall in Oklahoma for the pleasant temps and distinct treats to the senses they offer.

 Hopefully we will be getting the rest of the electrical work done this weekend and then on to the insulation and a flurry of work inside the building.

I must admit tapestry weaving has been a challenge this month with all the extra things to attend to but the tapestry diary, like time, marches on.