Thursday, May 12, 2016

Floating Through May

May greetings! As usual in this part of the world we have had some wild weather in between the most perfect Spring days that can be imagined.

Progress on the 2016 tapestry diary continues. The last couple of days I have been celebrating the sunshine in between the rain.

I also wove a little selfie on May 8. I was honored to receive a Woof award from my weaving guild ( Tulsa Handweaver's) and I imagined myself floating in the water with the lovely Woof award band I was given around my neck, haha, something that would never happen in reality. My dear friend Jeannine Glaves wove it for me from her beautiful handspan complete with lettering! I will add some pictures of the band and the day when I get them all together.

Here is another detail in the center section of the tapestry. I am including water of all kinds;
rivers, lakes,streams, creeks, rain, bathtubs and endlessly entertaining myself with all the possibilities!

One last detail from the far right, showing some land area creeping in.

I must confess that I am a messy nester. I have really tried to keep things neat and clean up as I go but it just doesn't work for me. As soon as I get really rolling on the weaving all thoughts of keeping things neat fly right out the window. The only solution I have found is to stop every week or two and spend some time straightening up. The time is upon me!

I have also been working on finishing 2015 and today has been spent sewing slits.

I say to myself that I should sew these slits as I weave and evey time I do not listen and so it becomes a hunt for the slits that need sewing.

All the time spent in Plein Air studies of water this year I have decided can be categorized as research for the daily weaving and here I am set up to do a little research.

What started as a shady spot to work quickly changed and once the easel is in full sun it is time to quit painting. I should have brought the umbrella! It was a beautiful day by the river though and I also had two Great Blue Herons swoop so low overhead as to cast a cool shadow and land in the water right in front of me. I had the impression that they were not happy that I had invaded their personal territory!

Here is the Plein Air watercolor sketch from an area in Bixby where Fry Creek flows into the Arkansas River- research.

Not much progress has been made on the Paintbox tapestry lately but I am still paintbox obsessed and have done a little extra research on that too.

Back in the studio with 2016 weaving underway, 2015 finishing progress and years 2013 and 2014 on the wall.

Sometimes when I am feeling unproductive and a bit of a slackard I look around and realize I have been pretty busy. I am so happy to have this space to work in and will be making my last payment on the building in August. I need to think of a special way to celebrate that occasion!

Happy weaving all.