Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Tapestry Diary is Finished!

The Tapestry Diary for July is finished. I used some black ultra suede for the backing which worked out nicely.  It is not necessary to turn under the edges in this fabric so it is easy and less bulky to work with.

I snapped a picture outside on the front porch this morning.  We have plenty of sun here in Oklahoma.

The finishing was pretty straight forward on this piece. I had put a double row of half hitches on the top and bottom and so I just had to turn the warp ends under and lightly stitch in place on the back of the tapestry.  There was quite a bit of weft trimming to do.  On the top where the hanging rod would go and on the bottom I stitched a piece of twill tape before the ultra suede was added. On the bottom it added a little weight and on the top it made a smooth backing for the hanging rod.  Once the ultra suede was in place on the back I stitched all around except where the hanging rod would be put and the twill tape was between the tapestry and the hanging rod creating a smooth sleeve for it to go through.  Pretty simple, but I could use a better hanger.

Top Back of Tapestry
My 12 inch Mirrix is warped and ready for August.

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