Monday, August 27, 2012

Tapestry Workshop

This past weekend a few of my dearest friends gave me the opportunity to try out my tapestry teaching skills at a three day retreat/workshop.  On day one we started with some demonstrations and then they started on their looms with some foundation weaving and those first couple of passes.

Here are Lynn, Gwen and Karin busy at their looms

Katherine is just getting started here with Donna in the background.

Here is Gwen consulting my handouts. It was so nice to see them being used!

Here is a close-up of Karin getting started.  She was a bit of a reluctant tapestry weaver but wait until I show what she completed!

 In the photo to the right Donna is beginning her weaving.

By day two everyone was deep into their weavings, here is Margaret in the foreground.

By day two Donna is taking off on her own tapestry adventure.

Of course  we didn't weave tapestry for the entire three days. There was also some eating, drinking and spinning going on.  In this picture we finally see our spinning Yoda, Jeannine at the far end. She was busy was making yarn most of the weekend.

I have to say it was fascinating and enlightening to be on the observing side of
weavers  involved in their tapestry projects, learning new techniques and working intuitively with them .  It has added a great deal of pleasure and enrichment to me to be able to share my love of tapestry weaving with my friends. On Sunday morning about 7:30am when I arrived in our work space everyone was already around the table and busy with their tapestry!

Here is a sampling of what was on the looms when we left on Sunday afternoon.

Lynn, our pattern/structure expert.

Karin, the reluctant tapestry weaver!
Margaret, who surprised us all with her passion for the process. 

Donna, with a tapestry so evocative of her lovely home.
Katherine, who has been wanting to try tapestry  and finally has!

Gwen, the color explorer and new tapestry weaver.


  1. WoW!! I am sooooo sorry I missed. They all made beautiful pieces.

  2. Looks like it was fun! How did you get everyone on a Mirrix?