Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catching Up

 During this little lull and before the next round of activity I want to catch up on some blogging.  It has been a busy time with preparing the Tapestry handouts and preparing for the Fiber Christmas show but recently some of my projects are coming along.  This morning I finished my Tapestry Diary for July, 2012 and took it off the loom!  Actually it is June 26th through July 31.  I snapped a picture right before the cutting off.  My warp length was so entirely used up that I had to resort to some needle weaving to complete the last bit.  It was so much fun to do and very liberating in that the design just grew as the month progressed come what may.  My plan is to warp today for August so that I can start the next one on time.  For now I will probably have to do the months separately as I don't have a larger loom to use for the project but I am hoping to dedicate a larger one for the beginning of the year. On the right is a picture of the finished July Diary right after I cut it from the loom.  I will put up some more photos as the finishing takes place.

Look what came in the mail yesterday! Yes, the new September/ October issue of Handwoven magazine.  This is the issue dedicated to handwoven garments with the sleeveless garment contest winners and above is my vest.  Thanks to the folks at Handwoven and my dear friend Lynn Tedder who prepared the article for printing I am looking pretty good.

To conclude here are some pictures from the Fiber Christmas show this past weekend.  We had a fabulous time. It is fun getting together with fiber pasionisstas and the energy and creativity litteraly sparkles in the air.

My good friend Donna Hilton allowed me to use part of her booth space for WIM at the show and here are some of the tapestries. I put the sheep breed tapestry sampler on an easel so that I could demonstrate the Mirrix treadle.  Further down the table I had one loom with the tapestry diary in progress and two smaller looms with jewelry projects started.

Here is a shot of WIM with all the lovely fibers, spinning and weaving equipment.

My friend Arlene checking out some of the finished bracelets I had on display.

Some pre shopping going on before the show opens!

Arleen and Lynn are checking out each others work, Lynn's tapestry bead cuff weaving and Arleen's handspun, hand knitted gloves.  Below is a close up.

Soon I will be catching up with the Sheep Breeds tapestry sampler and Spinning Yarns for Tapestry part three using some of the wonderful fibers I found at the Fiber Christmas show.  I also have new bracelet projects to share and the finishing of the July tapestry diary. As Calvin would have said to Hobbs "The Days Are Just Packed".

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