Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Tapestry Diary

The first seven days of the August Tapestry Diary are complete. I am trying some new to me things on this one.  I placed a row of beads in with a row of Soumac, tried some styalized lettering and I am working with one strand of silk held with one strand of wool which is making an interesting texture. There is also  linen worked into some areas.
 Other changes for this month include the ends per inch. July was done with eight ends per inch and August is set at 10 ends per inch and the width which has moved from 5 inches for July to about 8 inches for August. I may be able to work August and September together this time.

I have included a couple of details to show some of the textures and the beads.

I am getting ready now to get caught up on the Sheep Breed Sampler and the new bracelets.

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