Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Progress Report

Life has been all tapestry and nothing but tapestry as I have been working on a set of handouts for several days now.  I have finished almost two test samplers that I am photographing as the process unfolds. There has not been much blogging time as this project has taken over for the time being. Hopefully the reward will be a finished set of handouts for begining tapestry weaving!

I thought I would share some of the progress on the Sheep Breed Sampler today. It is coming along nicely with three breeds represented now in two samples each. They are Cotswald, Navaho Churro and Romney.

I am also keeping up with the Tapestry Diary and the part for July 8th celebrates a hummingbird sighting. July 7th shows my work on the handouts and July 6th was the day I made two copper frame looms. I have had to turn the tapestry again since this picture was taken. It looks like after the month of July I will need to plan a new warp for the diary project.

Here is a peek at the first test sampler that I have used for photographing tapestry techniques and the second one is half done at this point. It has been a busy summer!