Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Side Trip

On the way home from arrowmont I made a stop at the Joe Evins Center for Applachian Craft. This was a tip given to me by a friend before I left town and what a good idea it was.
The trip to the Center was one of the most scenic of the whole trip, wooded Tennessee hills, a glistening lake ,and well , the bridge that was shut down to one lane with a traffic light on each side was an adventure I hadn't t counted on but the surroundings were so lovely I just thought of the wait as an excuse to take it all in. The Center itself is on a beautiful piece of mountain property and the grounds alone with their walking trails would a reason in itself to visit. It is affiliated with Tennessee Community College and has several studios for classes and workshops. There were people working in the weaving studio so I didn't enter but my peek through the windows revealed a well equipped weaving studio, spacious, light, with many looms and supplies. Inside the galleries there were a couple of special exhibits and a gallery of craft which was spacious and varied with items of fiber, wood, ceramic and metal nicely displayed . I spent a happy hour or so browsing and speaking with the attendant. Some pictures I took on my little side trip follow. Well ,these pictures will make more sense if you look from bottom to top?.

On the way back I was treated to some great views from an overlook area.

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