Sunday, February 2, 2014

January/February Tapestry Diary

When I started weaving this morning it wasn't snowing at all. By the time I finished my February 2nd spot on the Tapestry Diary it had just started and by the time I left the studio for the house it looked like this.

Two hours later it is still snowing!

Looking back at the studio here.

Here is a detail of the first two days of February. I managed to get a few snowflakes into the 2nd but I may have to put on my wellies to get out there for the 3rd if it doesn't stop soon.

This is the view of the TD after the January 31st weaving. January is 30.25 inches high so far.

I have been continuing to try out some new techniques from the The Threads Course in Tapestry by Mette Lise Rossing.

Here is a detail of the 1st through the 11th of January. We had several very snowy days that I tried to capture during that time.

This detail shows the 12th through the 22nd. I did the first experiment on the 13th which is Twill with ground weave, variation 14 from page 13.

On the 17th I used the same technique with some pick and pick directly after which I liked very much. Then on the 19th more Twill with ground weave.

On the 22nd I tried something different, triangles with continuous weft variation 24 page 16. I did vary the size and shape of the triangles a little but otherwise like the example in the book.

This shows the 18th through the 31st of January.

On the 27th I used var. 50 page 25, displaced hachures. I thought the effect of the thin zig zag line was very complementary to my format!

On the 29th I continued with displaced hachures with var 51 on page 26, here there are longer steps upward.

I really liked the way the twill with ground weave turned out on the 28th placed after some pick and pick!

Finally, I used twill with ground weave again on the 31st since it seemed to be the technique of the month.

I have really enjoyed experimenting with these new to me techniques on the TD this month and feel like I will learn a lot as I proceed through the year in this manner.

I realize not everyone has this book but I referenced the details just in case. If you are part of a weaving guild with a library why not inquire about getting it for the library? I know the Tulsa Handweavers has purchased a copy for members use.

I am excited about this years TD because it reminds me of Oklahoma in it's earthy quality and its ties to the land and I find that adapting these new techniques to the format and feel I have in mind is not difficult and very satisfying. It has a year to develop though so who knows what lies on the path


  1. Beautiful! Sounds like a great book! Will check it out after I finish the Brennan/Maffie DVDs.

  2. I love these and may get the book... we got snow/slush and schools are closed tomorrow...north tx an hour southeast of wichita falls...

    1. It is a great reference Jessica. We are expecting more snow/ ice tomarrow!

  3. We ordered the book and now waiting for it to arrive. Thank you for giving the page numbers so we can follow along your journey too! Enjoying the new color palette of this month's weavings. Keep studying the weavings over and over. Fascinating the way it looks like Jacobean Crewel needlework. Very enjoyable.

    1. I hope you enjoy the book Susan. I am continuing with techniques from the Rossing book in Feb. but I am trying to use each new one I try several times as it helps me feel confident about being able to use them as needed.

      I am trying for an earthier palette this year and colors that particularly remind me of Oklahoma. So far I am enjoying the change! Thanks for your comments and observations.