Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014 Off the Loom!

It is time to take The Mango Hunters off the Loom. I am too excited to offer much commentary so I will let the pictures do most of the work.

Here is the front of my Joni, Mirrix Loom...

and the back.

There is no time for a party right now, saving  that till Spring because there is so much to do.

First, I'm going to release the warps from the warping bar because one side only has about 5 inches of warp and I don't want to cut it too close.

Here we go...

almost there...

and pulling the warp out of the spring,

and finally cutting the warp on the generous side.

It is off,

and laid out.

It looks just like a tapestry!

Now to retrieve those precious heddles.

Taking a better look and doing some measuring, about 29" by 40" off the loom.

A moment of silence...

Now for the finishing. I'll be busy for a while.


  1. Beautiful job Janette! I can't wait to see the finished photo.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I'll be sure to share it when I can.

  2. That is a gorgeous tapestry and not too small either. Nice work. You have a lot of patience to weave in those threads.

    1. Thanks Timaree! It doesn't take patience really, more like passion !