Friday, November 2, 2012

October Tapestry Diary, 2012

 The October portion of this years tapestry diary is complete!  It has been a very full month and I was happy to finish on time.  When I returned from Colorado I felt that I needed to weave Pikes Peak and so I got a little behind on my days and had to catch up towards the end but I am so glad to have a woven reminder of my trip. We actually drove to the summit on the 15th and so when I returned home I wove that scene before I continued with the diary. There is a detail below.

Also this month I taught a fiber /bead bracelet class and on the 27th went to a Halloween Tea at the Dragonmoon Tea House . Two friends and I dressed as witches so I decided to weave a witches hat for that event.

Here is the detail of Pikes Peak and a great reminder of the trip.
Lately when I weave my landscapes I have been thinking about how directional lines in a drawing help so much to define and invigorate areas of the landscape and so I have been experimenting with this approach in my weaving as well.

Finally I am putting another photo of the sampler from the workshop I took with Kathe Todd Hooker hosted by the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild in Colorado Springs. I have to admit that I was thinking of my diary as I was weaving the sampler and it felt like my diary away from home at the time.

My plan for November has yet to evolve but if I just keep weaving I am sure I will go somewhere with it.


  1. Janette,
    Your Pikes Peak landscape is breathtaking! I'm amazed with how much detail can be captured in a small tapestry and astonished to see the many possibilities of tapestry technique in rendering a unified image. I'm trying to learn how to begin to interpret images in the natural world in tapestry. Maybe that is too ambitious for a beginner but I hope the desire to achieve a certain effect will drive my exploration of tapestry technique. Please keep us posted about your evolving diary!!

    1. Thank you so much! There are so many different approaches that are possible. One of the things I do with my diary is to experiment with different techniques and lately I have trying out weaving pictorial ideas with out a cartoon. Most of the little landscapes in the diaries started as sketches and I have referred to the sketches as I weave but have not used them behind the warps as a cartoon. For the Pikes Peak I really went out on a limb and tried just weaving my idea without making a sketch first. I would not try this ordinarily and probably would want more control over most finished work but I value the diary as a place to try things like that.

  2. Janette,
    I'm sorry, I forgot to ask in my previous comment whether you use cartoons for the landscapes in your tapestry diary.