Friday, November 30, 2012

November Is A Woven Memory

November is a woven memory and the diary for this month is complete.  I have noticed that my color has become more saturated and intense with each month since September and I am not sure why but it is interesting.  One of the things that make the diaries fun to look back on is the little codes that each one has. Numbers of things for the days or symbols for the daily events, places and people in my life. These things tend to make it fun for me to look back on but others who are not privy to these private milestones seem to like looking at the diaries too. As the end of the year approaches and I am thinking of how I will approach the tapestry diary project for next year all of these things are on my mind.


  1. Janette we enjoy looking at the monthly diaries to see your gorgeous color combinations, identify weaving techniques and most of all they are so enjoyable to just view. Always a fest for our eyes. We appreciate all your pieces.

  2. Thanks so much Susan! The feed back really helps keep the blog fun for me to do.

  3. Janette,
    A woven memory - what a lovely phrase and a beautiful idea, so well-realized by your tapestry diary! It encourages me all the more to dare to capture personal ideas and experiences on the loom. Have you ever woven a song? I would like to make a tapestry about a beautiful song I sang to my little granddaughter as she fell asleep a couple of weeks ago. I have some sketches but don't quite know what to do next. Maybe when we meet we could talk about some first steps?

    1. What a great idea Margaret! Bring your sketches and we can talk. I haven't woven a song but there was the Oberon's Mermaid tapestry from Mid Summer Nights Dream.