Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Progress

Happy February from my Fiber Studio! I am continuing to make progress
on the 2015 tapestry diary project, the finishing of 2014 and weaving my Hands On tapestry but it does seem like time is moving faster than I do these days. I have the motivation of a new loom that will be arriving soon and a new shipment of Ymmyarns to spur me along through the finishing of the 2014 daily weaving tapestry and the weaving of the hands. Both have made some progress.

Here is a photo of the whole 2015 daily tapestry project after the entry on February first. I am now climbing back across and further upward.

This updated photo taken this morning shows the right half through February 4th. I have been enjoying just working with the shapes and colors and thinking about what new things I might want to try.

Here is a photo of the middle of the tapestry that I like. As I go along I think about creating an interesting edge for the next month to climb from.

This view shows the far left with the beginning of January. It was an unusual January for us with temps ranging from a sunny 80 degrees to freezing cold with a substantial wind thrown in the mix. We have not been covered in snow as much of the country though.

Once the 2015 tapestry diary was established and caught up I started work again on this tapestry of hands. I think a plan for the rest of the tapestry has developed and I still think it might be possible to finish weaving it by the end of the month.

Here is a photo from this morning of the 2014 tapestry diary with the finishing in progress. It is coming along, a few more days should do it.

I am waiting for the Ymmyarns and color cards to arrive this month. If you are interested or have written about the color cards I should have them soon.

For now, it is back to work, lovely fibery work.

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