Monday, January 19, 2015

Mid January and the Finishing Has Begun

Progress on the 2015 Tapestry Diary is coming along. Here is a photo from January 14th of the whole width. The string markers are there so that I can be sure the divisions for the days of January are spaced correctly.

A detail through January 16th shows the days at the middle of the month and the red soumac that I am testing for the marker between the months.

The detail above shows the left side of the tapestry through January 18th.

Another detail of the middle of the month through January 18th.

Finally the far right detail where the month is yet to go.

I have been doing a lot of finishing the last week or so also. Here is the back of the 2014 tapestry diary before a few hours of trimming. Sometimes I leave long tails on the back that I intend to pick up again but forget so this one had some tails trimmed that went in the recycle pile.

Another photo of the back after all the trimming is complete.

This is as far as the finishing has gone with this one because I am still thinking about exactly how I want to do it. So I decided to take the small tapestry I wove in Joan Baxter's workshop last Fall  off my 16 inch Mirrix and finish it next.

Here it is right after cutting it off the loom.

After trimming the warp and the weft ends on the back I did some measuring. I also found some light red violet linen that I thought would make a good mat for the tapestry.

This picture is a little strange but I am using some acid free foam board that I have used in the past to mount canvas on for light weight painting panels in the field. I cut it to size to give a nice mat all around the tapestry.

Then I covered it with a thin piece of 100% cotton batting. The batting gives a nice smooth appearance and also makes it easier to sew the tapestry in place later.

I have used a small amount of a PVC glue to adhere the batting to the back of the board and then I cut the linen.

I wanted the corners to be neat so I did some trimming of the bulk before turning them.

The photo above shows the linen pinned in place and then I did some light stitching to hold it securely.

Once the mat was made I took some muslin and made a separate backing for the tapestry

and then whipped it lightly in place.

Above is the finished piece with the tapestry stitched in place on the mat. I signed and titled it on the front with permanent ink. The title is "Early One Morning". On my way walking through Dahlonega last October to the Joan Baxter workshop I saw a rainbow and somehow it just worked its way into the weaving I was doing in the class.

To finish the back nicely I decided to take a thick piece of Stonehenge paper and cut it to size for the back. I used some of the PVC adhesive to place it on the back

and then added some information about the tapestry to the back with a permanent pen. I let the whole thing sit over night under the weight of a couple large books and now all that remains is to have a frame made for it. The final measurement is about 14 x 8 inches.

All ready to frame with my Birthday flowers this morning. Now the plan is to go back to the Hands tapestry and finish the weaving before the new tapestry loom arrives this Spring and of course I still have the 2014 tapestry diary to finish. I also have been ordering  supplies for the Fiber Studio. A large new order of Ymmyarns is on the way and also new Mini Bobs and Awl/ Keeper sets from John Moss. I have some of his regular and slim brass tipped bobbins in stock also. December was so busy that I also sold almost all the Mirrix looms I had in stock so I will be replenishing Mirrix soon. I usually have all the smaller Mirrix from 16 inch on down in stock and can order others. If anyone is interested I also have a lightly used older style Mirrix treadle that I would like to sell.

Finishing today with the sketch I did of the rainbow sighting in Dahlonega. The building on the corner at the end of the street is where we stayed while there. Nice memories all around!


  1. Happy Birthday, Janette! Wishing you another year filled with tapestry, art, and other creative pursuits! Your 2015 daily tapestry diary is already fascinating, as was 2014. Your artistry is outstandng!

  2. I enjoyed this posting Janette because the I felt as though I was spending the day with you watching you work, right through the finishing and mounting the piece. The logistics of the 2015 Diary are quite interesting. It is a long climb.

    1. That is good to hear Ruth. Yes, a long climb but very enjoyable so far!

  3. Thank you for posting your method for mounting small tapestry so clearly. I'm going to follow your steps for one of mine that's been sitting on the shelf for over a year! Laurie