Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Half the Year in Tapestry

Half the Year in Tapestry and a start on July has me reflecting on the process of weaving everyday again. For this diary project it is not so much about just doing some weaving everyday but creating a small bit of weaving that actually has relevance to that day. What occurs to me is that this practice is a means to promote living in the present while preserving the past. It is a daily challenge to find a symbol for the present, the past is already woven so it is "finished".  I keep finding insights through this process all the time.

Here is the month of June with a little transitional pick and pick and the first of July. There were lots of memorable events in June, Fathers day, the Midwest Weavers conference and my 40th wedding anniversary!

When I first started the year I was very aware of how using a 1 by 2 inch rectangle would limit the possibilities. Now I find myself thinking that I can't believe how many possibilities are lurking in that rectangle and this tapestry is set at 8 ends per inch.

Some days have less sparkle than others of course and some symbols are better left unexplained but I was pretty happy with the Pineapple Upside-down cake I wove/baked the day before Father's Day. The woven version could have used a little more value contrast between the pineapple and the cake but I liked the weaverly approach I managed. The baked one was spot on and one of my husbands favorite desserts.

To the right is a detail of the cake in the middle.

The day before I left for the conference I wove my Spinner suitcase on the road, more of the road on traveling day, and then the up and down elevator for the first vending day. Then the stage where several events took place, and the Kansas storm rolling in on the day we returned home. I was happy to leave it behind as we drove into Oklahoma.

The last two days of the month I noticed the big pile of leftover wefts I had been accumulating and decided to do something about it so I wove the last two days of the month with them.

That gave me an idea for July. I decided to take my new color of the month which is a coral red range of Ymmyarns and use that and my pile of thrums for weaving July.

Back at the beginning of the year I mentioned that one of my goals for this years diary was to become acquainted with my palette of Ymmyarns and that has been working nicely in this way.

I suppose using these leftovers could seem way too thrifty but it is also an interesting challenge.

After I spent some time organizing my piles of threads the project seemed more user friendly. I spent an evening organizing these and the thrums from the Mango Hunters.

To the right is a detail of the last two days of June and some transitional pick and pick using the red range and mostly grey thrums. I must admit it was slow beginning and ending so many wefts for the pick and pick that goes across but I do like the effect.

The smaller rectangles, like the first of July, should be easier to manage in this way.

I should be posting on the Mango Hunters soon - almost ready to turn the warp again. 


  1. Your little rectangles are inspiring.

    I tend to think of the year (still) in terms of the academic year, so I might begin my first diary in September. That's far enough away that I don't feel pressured-yet and soon enough that I hopefully won't forget. :)

    1. Sounds like a great plan Annie . I started my first one at the end of June last year. Good grief, I forgot to mention my one year anniversary!

  2. Janette,
    It is truly marvelous to envision all the growth that has taken place during your first year of tapestry diary weaving! I think I learn as much from reading your reflections as I do from the diary itself, even though the weaving is nothing short of magnificent. I am still so early in the process that the logistics are still distracting much of the time, but even I can see that the daily practice rewards persistence. That is true of so many things that it is easy to trust the process. Congratulations on your first year, your 40th wedding anniversary, the successful Fiber Studio launch, and even the pineapple upside down cake that was such a triumph! You have so much to celebrate! Let the fireworks begin!