Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming Soon, New Tapestry Bobbins and Yarn

As soon as we returned from Midwest Weavers Conference there were some new things to attend to at the Fiber Studio. John Moss had sent me one of his new bobbins to try and I liked it!

I took a comparison picture of the two I have been carrying and the new "Slim" in the center.  The Slim is a little longer then the 5.5 brass tipped bobbin and a it has a slimmer profile. I found it very easy to slip through the warp and to catch after. I think this will be a very user friendly bobbin for those who are beginning to use them. Being slimmer the yarn capacity may not be as large although the extra length to the shaft may equal that out some. I found it ideal for me as I change colors frequently. On the right are the popular mini bobs for comparison.

This picture shows a comparison of the brass tips. On the top is the straight tip. It's design makes it a very efficient beater and good at keeping the threads separated with sufficient weft.

On the bottom is the tapered tip. The tapering makes this one good for beginning and ending threads with pigtails and half hitches. It makes manouvering the threads easier.

In the middle is the new Slims tip. The base of the brass tip stays wider longer than the tapered tip and retains the tapered design at the tip. I have been weaving with mine for a couple of days now and I really like this tip! I love good tools and tend to notice these things.

The good news is that the new Slims are coming soon as well as some new magnetic necklace awls.

Also coming soon, a full color selection of Ymmyarns in 50 gram balls!

Here you see the 20 gram ball in front and two 50 gram balls in the center. I will be having both sizes in stock and available soon. Of course that hefty 100 gram ball in the back can still be special ordered.

If you are interested in ordering Ymmyarns the wool and silk color cards are now four dollars each. It is easy to order by number if you have the cards, just send me an email at
There are some new colors that have been added recently also.

We had a great time at the Midwest Weavers Conference. Here is a shot of Jeannine Glaves (keynote speaker for the conference) and Donna Hilton (owner of Weaving at Indian Meridian) having some lunch in the University cafeteria.

The keynote talk that Jeannine delivered that evening was inspiring, encouraging and infused with humor. I wonder how many husbands will find themselves patrons of the arts when all the participants return home?

Earlier that day Lynn and I had set up our booth at the Vendor Hall. We had a nice roomy spot so we could demonstrate and socialize as needed.

It was a great time of meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

The Kansas Guild did a great job of hosting this event. We really appreciated the help with getting our things up to the hall and back down again. It made a huge difference!

I had fun taking some pictures of new Mirrix Loom owners. I can't wait to see what Cindy does with hers.

There is nothing like a Mirrix Loom to bring out some smiles.

One Mini went home as a special gift.

Our next show is Fiber Christmas in July in Kelleyville Oklahoma, July 26 and 27.

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  1. Looks like you had a fun and successful time--can't wait to see the new slims.

    1. Yes it was fun, but I need to get in better shape If I am going to have this much fun frequently. Haha. The Slims will be worth waiting for.

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