Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eight Days a Week of Tapestry

Eight days of weaving my 2013 Tapestry Diary!

So far it has been fun weaving my little one inch by two inch rectangles and I have had some time to  weave on some of the other projects.

I have also included a more detailed picture after just one week. I'm slowly transitioning to a more blue violet and adding some grays.

Getting back to work on the Mango Hunters has been wonderful. I was a little concerned about picking up on it again and getting into the swing of it but it has been easier than I thought. There are still many challenges ahead on this piece. I probably wouldn't be doing it otherwise, but it seems easier this time.  Maybe having done some tapestry weaving everyday for the last 6 months has made the difference! 

It was finally time to move the warp around this week. I had been putting it off but everything has its limits and my weaving was getting too close to the shed device so I decided to move the bobbins out of the way and take a picture before the move.

Those little circles are the magnets that I am using to help keep my cartoon in line.  I can print these pictures and them have them near the loom to refer to when I can no longer see the whole design.  I think it is coming along pretty well . I am excited about making some progress this week and I think Henry is happy to finally have a mango for company.

Here is the last picture taken this morning before starting to weave.  I think I will go buy some mangos to have in the studio for inspiration and I can always eat them later.

Before I go back to weaving there is one more thing I want to write about.  The newsletter sign up on the right of the blog is only for announcements of classes or shows I will be doing. It is only sent for that purpose. If you want to follow the blog by email there is another place to sign up a little further down on the right side.  Sorry for any confusion that might have caused.


  1. Janette,
    How did you get the thin, curved lines, like you used in the tree and the block in the second row next to the pick and pick on the left-hand side? I find I am thinking too much in terms of line instead of shape, so its tough to translate my ideas into wearable forms. I know you just took a class on line in tapestry from Kathe Todd Hooker, so perhaps you have some tips to share!

    1. That is soumac , a very useful technique for creating lines in Tapestry. There are other ways too depending on where you want the line and the type of line you want but both of the examples you mentioned are soumac. Look on Tommye Scanlin's blog at the feather tapestry that she is currently working on for an example of beautiful and subtle use of Soumack. I use it frequently in my work.