Friday, January 25, 2013

Confessions of a Loom Singer

Most of the time I am weaving during the day and am fairly well behaved at the loom. I usually play CD's or listen to Sirius radio, I enjoy channel 31 The Coffee House, sometimes I have an Indigo Girls marathon or a week of Celtic music. I have discovered that Tchaikovsky's Scheherazade makes great weaving music. Lately though I have been doing a little weaving at night, sometimes it is more peaceful then with less distractions. I think I have been doing this for a while but last night I discovered that I sing when I weave at night, pretty loud so my husband says. I know lots of songs and it occurred to me that the songs I was singing might have something to do with how the weaving was going. Last night I must have been in need of inspiration because I started off with Climb Every Mountain, then settled into an Indigo Girls tune, Closer To Fine and my last selection of the evening was You've Really Got A Hold On Me, you treat me badly, I love you madly... so there it is, confessions of a loom singer. Evidently it must be working because the weaving is growing well this month. Now I am wondering, am I the only one?

Here is the January diary through Jan 24. January is the birthday month around here, both of our sons and I are born in January. I decided to weave a little rising sun shape for the birthdays and I thought it was interesting how the two boys ended up in the same position on the weaving in different weeks, mine is the one on the left hand side and the three of them make a triangular shape. I may weave another sun shape in February for DH, Francis.

I have been enjoying working with these colors , next month I plan to add some more grays and red violets into the mix.  I'm adding a few trees and branches because those bare branches do seem to really stand out in January.

Speaking of Birthdays, I was at the Dragonmoon for lunch with friends the other day and Susan made me a Red Velvet Cheesecake in honor of my birthday. It was so pretty that I had to take a picture before I started. She said it was a test desert for the Valentine's Day Tea, but I can tell you it was the best test I have ever had!  Thank you Susan, Lynn and Margaret for making it a special day!

This could be a tapestry!

Work on the Mango Hunters is coming along too. Must be all that singing.  I can see the halfway point very close ahead and that is pretty exciting. I have heard that Champagne toasts are in order when the tapestry is finally cut from the loom. I wonder if I can start a halfway point celebration?

Here are a couple of details of the Mangos with the threads pulled out of the way. The one on top is what I see weaving and here is one turned with the magic of iPhoto. Looks like I have a lump that needs reshaped!

I did a sketch of my Border Collie, Laddie on Brushes the other day. He is such a sweet boy, though a little intense and serious about playtime.

I want to do a little 4 inch square tapestry and so I thought I might be able to crop this and use it as an idea for the tapestry.

I also ordered some linen threads for warp that I want to try. Here is the cropped design and a couple of linen threads that I can use as warp. I thought this would be a great way to try out the linen. I am not warped yet and still pondering my Laddie portrait but this should happen soon if it is going to.


  1. We always have music on when we weave. Mac loves the Beach Boys and I am Classical. You are correct...we become lounge singers at night also. Sometimes getting quite loud. Music keeps us relaxed and our selvedges more even. I think our bodies go with the flow of the music. What are the things that look like thumbtack heads in your weaving do? Also, the colors are superb in the Mango piece. Very pleasing to the eye and senses. Always a joy to be allowed to share your weaving experiences.

    1. Hi Susan, those circles are magnets . I use them to hold the cartoon in place . They are placed in pairs one in front and another behind the cartoon and then by moving the one in front I can place them wherever I need them and move them along as the weaving progresses. They come in very handy! I am glad you like the Mango Hunters, thank you.

  2. Janette,
    I loved your story about singing - an ancient tradition, and so compatible with the music of the loom itself! Your tapestries are marvelous - you have woven so much already in the new year! Your images are rich and luscious. I especially like the controlled hues of the diary. The blues and yellows blend in such a lovely way. I can't wait to see what happens when the reds and violets begin!

    1. Thank you Margaret, I am really enjoying the weaving this month and feeLing pretty positive about bringing MH into being.