Friday, September 7, 2012

New Jewelry Supplies!

 One of the things the Mirrix Loom does so well is jewelry and I have been getting ready for classes and fall shows with new supplies and samples. If you are interested in taking classes now is the time to sign up for the mailing list so you can receive information when it is available. Just leave your email on the form at the upper right of the blog.

Four new bracelets have come off of my Mini, Lani and Little Guy this week and now I am ready to start working with some of the wonderful Fall colors I have been collecting.

Here is an example of an Affinity style bracelet with Bugle beads. I am ashamed to say it has been on the loom since the Fiber Christmas show in July!

On the right is another project from this Summer that has been completed.  It is a no warp end bracelet with Soft Flex wire for warp. I did a little picot edging in size 11 seed beads on this one.

I can't resist showing the other side with my hand beaded peyote stitch button closure.
Here I was thinking about some deeper richer colors for Fall. I seemed to be on a seriously blue/ green color obsession over the Summer.  In this Affinity bracelet I used some of Claudia Chase's hand painted silk which is luscious.  I have several colors right now that I am putting into kits for classes.

Here are some samples of the ones I am using.

Here is another bracelet that is calling to Fall.  I used Dark Raspberry matte Tila and Magatama beads along with some size 8 and 11 Miyuki seed beads.  The warp is a hand dyed pearl cotton that I just got a selection of.

Here is a picture of the hand dyed pearl cottons and there are some beautiful rich colors.

Also new Miyuki seed beads.

More seed beads...

and some Magatamas, Tilas and Delicas.

Here is another no warp ends style bracelet .

Another Affinity bracelet with handspun silk in warp and weft.

The best is yet to come. Australian Ymmyarns for tapestry in wool and silk will be appearing soon!

Finally another Affinity that I will call Donna's bracelet after the friend that has given it a home.


  1. They are sooooooooo beautiful, Janette! Just lovely!!!!

  2. Hi Janette,
    Is the pearl cotton in the photo size 5 or 8? I have some of Claudia's hand-dyed silk, and I love it, but I also love the sheen of the pearl cotton and the subtle changes in color of overdyed threads. Your bracelets are beautiful, by the way. I just got the Mirrix Lani loom for bead weaving and I'm enjoying the process much more than off-loom beadwork. Warping is the hard part for me; I suppose I will eventually have the process memorized - I hope!

    1. Thanks Becky, the pearl cotton is size 5. The warping will become much easier after a few try's!