Thursday, June 28, 2012

Progress at Arrowmont

Here is my sampler after the first day. I also put on another warp for the diary project.

-After the second day. The diary has been started and more progress on the sampler.

The "A" is for Arrowmont of course and the symbols indicate 6 dots for June and below the date 27. Here is the way I left the diary last night about 11 pm. I have progressed on the sampler also but will have to take another picture.

Others in the class working on the samplers took their first pieces off the looms last night and we celebrated the occasion.

During the day we were treated to a wonderful collection of woven rugs and here is Tommye examining them closely.

Later in the evening we had a festive outdoor picnic and the weather was perfect for the occasion. Even though the school is right in the middle of the very busy Gatlinburg tourist destination when you are on the grounds it feels like a cozy niche away from the crowds.

As promised here are some pictures of Tommye Scanlin's Tapestry Diarys. Some of the pictures do not show the entire piece but perhaps this is enough to give an impression of what kind of creative possibilities exist with this idea.

I can't believe it is Thursday already, the week is flying by and there is still much to accomplish. Back to work, but breakfast first.

Location:Baskins Creek Bypass,Gatlinburg,United States

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