Monday, June 18, 2012

Across the Finish Line

Side Front
I settled down to do the finishing on the Multi-Technique bag I have been working on last night and shot several pictures this morning.  This all started with the end of the warp from the Extreme Warp Makeover Workshop with Robin Spady. So the body of the bag is a 4 shaft weave of deflected wefts with pearl cotton and a novelty knitting yarn.  The inside pocket is also made with end of the warp samplings.  Then the tapestry bead trim was done on the Little Guy 12 inch Mirrix Loom in two 22 inch pieces at the same time. Here is the back and front view.


The body of the bag is slightly gathered and the silk lining is faced with fleece to give the bag more body. The top of the bag is also has a stiff interfacing. The fleece in the lining and the interfacing help to support the weight of the tapestry trim and give the bag an appealing plumpness as well as add some durability and strength.

The piece of cross trim goes through the top trim on the back and crosses over the front and is held by a magnet closure.  The handles are braided from black chenille and turquoise metallic already used in the bag.

Back Detail

Front Detail, Fabric ,Trim and Handle Join
Inside Peak at Pocket

Magnetic Latch Detail

Latch Detail

Side Detail

I have added some detail photos of the latch, sides, top and inside.  I always see room for improvement in everything I make but I'm pretty happy with this bag.  It feels like a piece of jewelry and would function well as a special occasion "fancy bag". Even better, it was fun to make!

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