Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Cleaning

After a flurry of finishing projects it was time to get down to some cleaning up in the Fiber Studio and also the one in my home.

Red Dirt Days is hanging on the wall and Hands On is at the framers so for the past three days I have been working on creating some order in both my work spaces before the next projects begin.  Always at the back of my mind is the new loom that should be arriving soon.

After walking into my newly cleaned and organized studio my husband remarked, " Oh, I was beginning to think that you had sold your sewing machine."

The sewing area has been excavated and is ready for action.

Even the scary closet has been tamed after pulling out three large trash bags full of stuff. Does anyone need a vintage collection of plastic bags?

My prized air lift drafting table is ready to go and even those old  flat files are cleaned out and organized.

There are still a couple pockets of mess to work on such as my "office area"

and my art book shelves where I tend to to stuff office papers when I am too busy to walk to the end of the table where the office area is. ???

I am hoping that when I clean out that nest of old sketches at the top I will find the original drawing for the Mango Hunters which has somehow gone missing.

Now that I am cleaned up and better organized I am ready to start working on this Paintbox tapestry cartoon. The paintbox is quite small but my idea is to enlarge it by about 400% for the tapestry. This one should be fun to weave with all those squares of paint.

Here is my 2015 tapestry diary as of this afternoon. Somehow with the start of Spring my "Lonely Mountain" has turned into the "Sound of Music".

Here is a closer view of the beginning of April.

I have been thinking a lot about my trip to Weatherford, Ok to see Archie Brennan and Susan Martin Maffei. I am due to leave early Monday morning and so far I haven't done anything but think about it. Perhaps a day of down time before the packing begins is in order.


  1. Lovely space and so conducive to creating. I'm one who has to super clean between projects and really appreciate your efforts. It's a big project to organize a creative space!

    1. I agree Bunny and even harder to keep it organized!

  2. That is a nice and spiffy-looking studio. You really have to keep that place dynamic. A way of doing that is to arrange and fix things to keep the flow easy and squeaky-clean, with little to zero clutter getting in the way. In any way, I'm glad that you've dealt with your spring cleaning accordingly. Thanks for sharing that, Janette! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Gregory Snyder @ Executive Image

  3. I presume the landscape is not finished but to me the vertical lines acting as a sky give a counterbalance to the rolling hills- looks good to me like this!

    1. Thanks Malcolm! I will be working on this one for the rest of the year but that is something to think about when I do get towards the finish.

  4. Bringing together the paintbox and the loom, I love this idea Janette. Also enjoy cleaning the studio up with on to mine....

    1. Thanks Ruh, I want to put that one on the new loom and I just had word that it should be shipped by May 14th. Good luck with your cleaning, I feel much calmer now that my space is more organized and functional..

  5. Excellent work! You were able to clean up the room in ways that didn't make it look too clinical and dry, and it still has that signature of creativity evident in it. You just made the flow and the layout of the room clear enough for you to move around more easily, which should help your productivity a lot. You've also brought your closet to life, or at least made it a lot more usable now. Thanks for sharing!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta