Monday, August 19, 2013

One Adventure Leads to Another

I was getting ready for a trip to Texas when I got a call from Ann. We met and talked about the Mirrix Looms at Fiber Christmas. She decided to come over to my house and purchase an 8 inch loom and get started right away on a couple of Leather Wrap Bracelets. We had a great time and I expect she will be ready to try another project soon. It was a good opportunity for me to try out this class that I would soon be doing in Texas.

Two days later Lynn was picking me, the looms and supplies up. We were going to stay with her sister-in-law Elona and help some friends try out the Mirrix Looms and make bracelets. Elona was going to be hostess to all of us for the weekend.

Normally when we take trips to shows I am busy driving but this time Lynn was behind the wheel so I had to get otherwise busy. I took pictures of myself...

my knees,

my scarf,
the highway,

and Lynn. I think Lynn is beginning to feel like my son Josh who learned to be careful about sitting down in front of me because I would start drawing him.

The next day we were sitting at Elona's table with our looms and starting with the leather wrap bracelets. Here is Elona working on her first one.

Here are the two first bracelets to come off her loom that weekend. When we left she had gone on to the affinity style bracelets and had two of them started. I felt confident there would be a steady flow of beautiful things coming off her loom when we left.

This is Janet working on her first bracelet,

and a couple of shots of the first one finished.

 Ann said she had seen these bracelets and been wanting to make one. Now she has!

Here is Ann's modeled with her watch.

Janice came a little later to the party and had to leave a little early but wasted no time making a pretty single wrap.

Aren't these colors great? This is a collaborative effort with Lynn at the loom and Libby designing.


and the bracelet.
I even managed to finish a couple over the weekend.

 Creating together is the best kind of bonding experience.

Sometime during the weekend the talk turned to my looking for a space to teach more classes and have the shop supplies available and displayed all the time. Someone in this lovely group mentioned buying a building and moving it to my place.

A couple of days after returning home we went to look at possibilities and ended up having one built. Yikes! We came back home and realized that before we could even get the building moved on we would have to move an old boat and trim lots of trees and... So the next adventure begins!


  1. How ExCiTinG!! I can't wait to see your new space.

  2. Thanks Ann, I am excited too but I think patience will be the name of this game.

  3. This post is a true smile maker. Not only the wonderful bracelets, but the fellowship you shared from the beginning of your trip to the last good-bye. Enjoyed your need to put down on paper what you saw. Mirrix Looms are magical the way they can make memories among old and new friends.

  4. OMG what a pretty Bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Wrap bracelets

    1. Thanks so much Adina! I hope you come back often.