Thursday, May 10, 2012

Warping Day

I have been busy warping the Mirrix Looms with projects for some demonstrations.  First my new Mini Mirrix, won and in the Ott Light/ Mirrix Facebook contest and received yesterday.  I have done a no warp ends with beads project.

Next the Lani , with the third Affinity bracelet, 2 cut and crystal beads with hand painted silk warp.

Finally, a picture of the Little Guy.  I know only the header is woven but hopefully this will grow up to be tapestry bead trim for a multi-technique handbag I am designing.  Check out the easel box with drawer.  I think this will be really handy for doing demonstrations where the table height may not be just right because the easel opens down as well as up and will easily fit the Big Sister on down in size plus a bonus drawer for supplies.  I have seen these at Fine Fiber Press in their Tapestry supplies section but I just happen to have an easel or two already.

Now I just need to put the fleece sampler on the Big Sister and I will be completely warped!


  1. You have been busy and all the warps look like a ton of fun to weave.